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COVID-19: Use of excess jet fuel in automotive diesel fuel affects lubricity additive response


Infineum’s Paul van Munster, Technical Lead, and Dean Clark, Lubricity Venture Manager, recently explored the impact this practice can have on the response of diesel fuels to lubricity improver additives and explain why refiners and blenders should reassess their additive treat rates and consider the merits of both monoacid and ester technologies.

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Infineum’s Steve Benwell, Global Fuels Key Accounts Manager, and Rob Ashton, Marine Fuel Additive Business Development Manager, talk about the unprecedented change that this regulation, combined with the COVID-19 pandemic, has had on the marine fuels and shipping industries and reveals some of the fuel quality concerns that are emerging.

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What is the value of a successful long-term partnership? David Hopkinson – CEO of Multisol – and Ed Potter – Head of Speciality Products at Neste – sat down virtually for a discussion about two decades of working together and the key requirements that need to be met to be ready for current and future challenges.

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