REACH Regulation


Multisol Group are fully aware of REACh and its implications and as a distributor for some of the World’s largest chemical companies are committed to meeting our legal obligations.

We are able to confirm that we have been notified in good faith by our suppliers that all substances marketed by Multisol Group, where required, have been preregistered or registered within the required timeframe. In addition, all substances whether as single substance or part of blends have been notified to ECHA with regards to the CLP regulations, and are therefore eligible for legal sale within the European Union.

In line with guidance from the Competent Authority and Cefic, the final four digits of the REACh registration number identifying the registrant will generally not be disclosed in order to maintain certain aspects of commercial confidentiality.

Multisol Group cannot assume any liability as to when or whether our suppliers or other participants within the supply chain, will additionally register other lower tonnage products. We will, of course, make every effort to inform customers of any changes in material availability or their longer term viability.

As a distributor and also a downstream user we have endeavoured to fulfil our obligations by facilitating the flow of information both up and down the supply chain. By doing so, we have hopefully helped to minimise any disruption to our customers and the European chemicals market as a whole; whilst acknowledging the benefits the legislation can ultimately bring.

We would like to highlight with the ongoing publication of the ext-SDS’s which will be distributed as appropriate, the Regulations require End Users to ensure that their Exposure Scenarios & Risk Management Measures comply with those listed for their Identified Uses in the Annex. This is required within 12 months of receiving the data.

Should you require more information, please contact your local Multisol representative.

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