Fuel Additives & Application Laboratory

Our Fuel Additives and Application Laboratories are based in The Brenntag Research Centre at Jankowice, Poland.

Established with close cooperation with Infineum, both are equipped with state of the art test equipment for oil products and takes advantage of echo logs to select optimum Fuel Additives, developed and perfected by chemists from Infineum.

The laboratories offer the, technological, application and service support for our customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa to allow our customers to improve their refinery economics and optimise their finished fuels range.

IMO 2020

We will help you to better define your requirements and compatibility to use low sulphur IMO 2020 compliant fuel. The state of the art facilities at your disposal include a rig to replicate potential blockages of strainers/filters by wax in distillates fuels in the fuel delivery system and a second rig that aims to replicate the potential issues of wax accumulating in distillate/HFO fuel tanks, especially those on-board ships.

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IR Analysis
Distillation Analysis
Cloud Point
Pour Point


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