Fuel Additives

IMO 2020

Products to meet the IMO 2020 Challenge

  • Effective solutions for the transportation of crude and fuel components, asphaltene and wax management, lubricity and combustion
  • Infineum’s B201 fuels additive package, now available directly from Multisol
  • Supported by Multisol’s renowned service levels, technical excellence and industry know-how

Cold Flow

Wax Management to improve operability

  • MDFI – to treat a wide range of middle distillate fuels for CFPP
  • WASA – to provide enhanced performance (wax anti-settling, operability)
  • WAFI – combination package of MDFI and WASA

Lubricity Improvers

Improved Lubricity to prevent premature wear and failure of fuel injection components

  • For Arctic/Temperate/Tropical regions
  • Ester and Acid
  • Refinery/ Terminal


To treat low Sulphur distillate, heavy fuel oil and ECA type marine fuels

  • Marine Fuel Oil Pour Point Depressants
  • MGO CFPP Depressants
  • Marine Fuel Oil Lubricity Improvers
  • Marine Fuel Asphaltenes Dispersants
  • Marine Fuel Oil Combustion Improvers

Crude Transportation and Refining

Improved Efficiency for Crude Oil Transportation

  • wax management
  • Anti-fouling


De-waxing of Propane and Ketone’s

  • Increased oil yield.
  • Increased plant capacity without installing more filters.
  • Lower oil content of the slack wax.
  • Overcoming bottlenecks

Full FDA approval for use of the active portions of Infineum Products

Refinery, Pipeline, Terminal and Process Additives

Used by fuel and lubricant refiners and terminals to meet the quality specifications of finished fuels, to facilitate operations within the refinery, and to deliver additional revenue and margin improvement.

IMO 2020

A range of cold flow and speciality additives for the refining and shipping industries, created by Infineum to meet the challenges presented by the IMO 2020 directive. These include effective solutions for the transportation of crude and fuel components, asphaltene and wax management, lubricity and combustion. Contact us for more information.

Biodiesel Additives

May help producers and marketers of FAME to deliver high quality, consistent and superior performance in this growing field

Fuel Borne Catalysts

Enable producers to meet tightening particulate matter emission legislation and subsequently meet the growing need for an effective Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) regeneration.


Second generation FAME

  • Cold Flow Improvement
  • Lubricity Improvement
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