Liquid Packaging

Multisol is a provider of bespoke liquid packaging solutions according to your volume and packaging needs. We are able to pack into customer supplied packaging or source from one of our own approved packaging suppliers. Each pack can then be labelled by utilising either customer supplied labels or our own.

We offer products in the following pack types:

  • bottles
  • cans or pails
  • drums or barrels
  • IBC’s – intermediate bulk containers
  • BLC’s – bulk liquid containers

Speciality Filling

For a wide range of liquid or solid products with difficult handling properties, we are confident that we can meet your  requirements. We carefully select the filling location based upon our customer requirements alongside the product characteristics. Each new product undergoes a thorough risk assessment prior to filling.

We can offer solutions for:

  • temperature controlled
  • hazardous and non hazardous products
  • viscous and non viscous liquids


Multisol offers a range of re-packing services for a wide number of liquid & solid products. Based upon the customers requirements and product characteristics, and following a thorough risk assessment, we will carefully select the most appropriate one of our approved locations.

We can re-pack from:

  • pack to pack
  • pack to bulk
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