Mixing and Blending

Ongoing investment ensures that Multisol has the technical excellence, capacity and state of the art operations to undertake a wide range of mixing and blending solutions for our customers.

These include:

  • Manufacture of Viscosity Modifiers
  • Pilot blend, and scale-up facilities to blend from 6m3 to 160m3 batches
  • Multiple heated blending vessels
  • Blending capability from Pre-mix to fully formulated lube oils
  • Fully supported by chemists in modern local laboratories

Toll Processing

Providing an extension to our customers own facilities, Multisol has toll processing solutions designed to seamlessly blend into your own operations whilst remaining invisible to your customers.  We have the flexibility and ability to adapt our own processes to meet almost any customer requirement.

Bulk Liquid Storage

With access to bulk liquid storage across our network, Multisol offers a large range of storage solutions to meet the demands of all of our toll customers. Our lubricant facilities are recognised centres of excellence, providing the highest quality of equipment and preserving the performance of our products.

  • heated, lagged tanks for viscous liquids
  • stainless steel & mild steel tanks
  • ship and truck fed tanks
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