Multisol supporting refiners to meet IMO 2020

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Multisol supporting refiners to meet IMO 2020

Multisol supporting refiners to meet IMO 2020

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has ruled that, from 1 January 2020, marine sector emissions in international waters be drastically reduced. The current maximum fuel oil sulphur limit of 3.5 weight percent (wt%) will fall to 0.5 wt%,  a reduction in sulphur emissions of over 80%.

“IMO 2020 will see the largest reduction in the sulphur content of a transportation fuel undertaken at any one time,” confirms Graham Eden, Commercial Director, Fuel and Specialty Additives, Multisol. “It is a seismic shift that will present many challenges to the refining, bunkering and shipping industries and is being felt right through the supply chain. Thankfully for Multisol customers, Infineum has developed a range of cold flow and speciality additives to meet the challenge of IMO2020 and improve their refining economics. These are now available.”

Infineum’s range of IMO 2020 specialist products for the refining industry include effective solutions for the transportation of crude and fuel components, asphaltene and wax management, lubricity and combustion.

0.5%S HFO0.5% Hybrid Blends0.5% MGO
Marine Fuel Oil Pour Point DepressantsEffective pour point depression in 0.5%S HFOEffective pour point depression in 0.5%S Hybrid Blends
MGO CFPP DepressantsMGO CFPP and PPD
Marine Fuel Oil Lubricity ImproversImproved MGP Lubricity
Marine Fuel Ashphaltine DispersantsEffective ashphaltine management in 0.5% S HFO and hybrid blends (sample under NDA)
Marine Fuel Oil Combustion ImproversDeveloping solutions

The marine sector is responsible for half of global fuel oil demand and the regulations therefore have the potential to be highly disruptive to the pricing and availability of compliant fuels. They also mean fundamental changes to the way fuel is refined and transported.

“Refiners can now be reassured that there are solutions to the challenges they face,” continues Eden. “World class products from Infineum backed by Multisol’s renowned service levels, technical excellence and industry know-how. “

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