Navigating the future – Highlights from David Hopkinson’s UKLA address

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Navigating the future – Highlights from David Hopkinson’s UKLA address

Navigating the future – Highlights from David Hopkinson’s UKLA address

David Hopkinson, Multisol CEO, in his capacity as UKLA President addressed the 350 strong audience at the 2019 UKLA Annual Dinner which took place at 8 Northumberland Avenue, London in early November.

In his address to attendees from across the globe, he highlighted that political uncertainty, volatile geo-political and regulatory landscape and major transformation for our industry are making this a crucial time. Utilising the evening’s theme of ;Navigating the Future’ he emphasised the importance for all UKLA members to play their part in shaping the industries future by becoming more sustainable and creating a low carbon economy.

“We have the opportunity to demonstrate the environmental benefits we can bring, through further energy savings and technical progress, including potentially through renewable lubricants.”

He went on to highlight the UKLA’s key role both to safeguard and enhance the reputation of the sector by providing an effective voice for lubricant companies, with governments and regulators, as well as to help develop the capability of members. Safeguarding the reputation of the sector also means working to challenge non-compliant products. He referred to the work undertaken with key bodies such as the European Technical Association, ATIEL, on their global product compliance programme with the European ACEA sequences.  The UKLA, as a broad membership organisation that supports many areas of UK industry, has long encouraged such actions, and this year has formalised a new environmental policy for the UKLA, and also supported the UEIL’s new Sustainability Task Force, which aims to develop industry standards and establish metrics for environmental performance.

“We all have a role to play to establish and meet high standards for our industry, and also to make the positive case for our industry as a responsible contributor to society, and to promote all the practical benefits we can bring to the environment through our products and technologies.

He concluded by saying that with the resilience, energy and ingenuity which this industry has demonstrated in the past, we can look forward to a prosperous and sustainable future for many years to come.

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