Formulations to meet IMO 2020 challenges

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Formulations to meet IMO 2020 challenges

Formulations to meet IMO 2020 challenges

Field-proven performance

Infineum’s B201 fuels additive package, now available directly from Multisol, is considered a game-changer for the shipping industry as they strive to meet IMO 2020 legislation. Successfully trialled with a major international oil company, Infineum B201 has been developed to provide onboard operating benefits in two critical areas: fuel stability and compatibility. In addition, it also has unrivalled ability to positively influence all the tests mentioned in CIMACs PAS document. During the recent field trial, Infineum B201 demonstrated a unique ability to stabilise TSP and prevent instability of a very low sulphur fuel oil (VLSFO) blend on board ship (with no harms) as well as broadening the fuel blending window for subsequent stable and compatible VLSFO fuel blends.

This is a major breakthrough and will come as a huge relief to the shipping industry, “ explains Graham Eden, Commercial Director, Fuels and Specialties. “ Infineum B201 had already exceeded performance requirements in laboratory tests and now has demonstrated real-world field-proven performance. The product is available from Multisol with delivery to almost any destination worldwide.”

The field trial involved Infineum partnering with a leading oil company who was testing different ratios of paraffinic/aromatic residual blends to establish their blending window. One of the major routes for VLSFO production is the blending of high sulphur residual streams (aromatic) with low sulphur distillate streams (paraffinic) to produce compliant fuels. However, this comes with risk − asphaltene-containing aromatic streams tend to be incompatible with paraffinic components and can result in asphaltene drop out which can significantly hinder ship operating conditions, or in severe cases cause engine failure.

Although both blends of unadditised fuel met the TSP specification when loaded onto the ship, both trials failed at various points because of fuel system plugging caused by asphaltene instability. Subsequent laboratory analysis using proprietary Infineum extended TSP analysis, demonstrated that fuel stability of both blends (<0.1 mass %) became increasingly worse over a relatively short period of time (days) to the point where the fuel was off specification.

An extensive test matrix was conducted by Inifneum to determine the cause(s) of the failure and propose a solution. It was discovered that Infineum B201 additive could expand the blend window beyond previous expectations and enhance long term asphaltene stability in several severe blend ratios.

  • Unadditised fuel belends were exhibiting TSP of >0.23 consistently
  • Additised fuel blends were exhibit TSP of <0.04 consistently
  • During the course of the study Infineum B201 additive was also found to exhibit some supplementary anti-oxidant properties which provided benefits

As a result of this testing it was decided to conduct a further trial using Infineum B201 in the more severe ship trial blend mentioned above.

  • This blend has the most positive economic impact for the Refiner/Producer
  • This blend has a known benchmark for a failure/success point

The additised VLSFO trial batch was blended in August with an initial TSP of 0.02 and was loaded onboard the test vessel (Suez Max Vessel, 2-stroke engine) two weeks after blending. The vessel was routed through various ECA waters that prevented a ‘block’ burn of the fuel. The VLSFO trial batch was burned in segments over an extended 13-week period and resulted in a successful trial with:

  • TSP throughout extended fuel retention − 0.03-0.04
  • Complete burn of 600mT
  • No issues reported by ship engineer throughout any burn regime
  • Additised fuel blend was stable for 15 weeks with 13 weeks shipboard. No problems associated with fuel onboard ship and TSP never above 0.04.

To download this article in full, visit the downloads section of the Multisol website. For more information on Multisol’s ongoing collaboration with refineries throughout Europe and market-leading range of Infineum products, click here.

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