Multisol supports Peter’s donor drive

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Multisol supports Peter’s donor drive

Multisol supports Peter’s donor drive

Earlier in March, Multisol staff met Peter McCleave. 41 years old. Husband to Jenny and dad to two boys; Max, 9 and Seb, 6; an incredible athlete, a communicator, a self-proclaimed fan of savoury snacks and, perhaps most importantly, a life saver!

Peter has been given seven years to live, having been diagnosed with Myeloma. Not one to take this kind of diagnosis lying down, Peter setup a charity drive called 10,000 Donors, which encourages people all over the world to donate stem cells that could save his life and the lives of others. He began campaigning in 2018 to get 10,000 people signed up – his success has been so resounding that he has since revised that target to 100,000!

Peter was invited into the Multisol offices to explain his campaign to everyone in the company across two 45 minute sessions. The talks proved very popular and Peter’s cause touched and inspired those in attendance.

“We were absolutely thrilled to welcome Peter to speak with our team after his speech at the UKLA’s Northern Lunch last September,” confirms Multisol CEO, David Hopkinson. “He gave us a two truly stirring talks and we are delighted to play a small part in helping to spread the word about his campaign as he continues to save lives all over the world!”

Myeloma, also known as multiple myeloma, is a blood cancer arising from plasma cells. At any one time there are around 17,500 people living with myeloma in the UK. It accounts for 15% of blood cancers.

For more information on 10,000 Donors and Peter McCleave, click here.

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