Multisol: Prepared and Ready for Brexit

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Multisol: Prepared and Ready for Brexit

Multisol: Prepared and Ready for Brexit

“We hope the impact of Brexit will be minimal for us all,” explains Kevin Wright, Managing Director, Multisol Ltd. “With no confirmation on a Brexit deal, we continue to prepare for the UK to operate under World Trade Organization (WTO) most favoured nation rules after 31st December 2020. With this in mind, and the forthcoming festive holiday period, we ask all of our customers to please continue to review your stock holding volumes and share your forecasts with your Multisol Account Manager. Security of supply remains our primary concern and we continue to review our supply chain and work with our suppliers, hauliers and customs agents. However, we are already aware of minor delays at various UK ports and hence we have increased the internal and external resources involved in the handling of our customs formalities.”

If we are able to assist you further please do contact your local Account Manager or alternatively Contact Us via our website, where we would be delighted to help.

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